The Lakes POA Forms

The Lakes Subdivision has a Architectural Review Committee (ARC) that oversees all new construction, additions to existing properties or exterior projects, i.e. outdoor kitchens, fences, sheds.

It always helps property owners and contractors to review the Covenants (See Covenants under the "HOME" Tab) regarding the guidelines for building in The Lakes Subdivision prior to completing a building form.

If you have any questions you can contact a Board Member, or email: or 

Please submit all forms as directed on the Applications.

There are three main forms:

1) Builder Application Questionnaire

    * Used by Contractors, to establish qualifications, prior to building for

      the first time in The Lakes Subdivision.  This is a mandatory first step

      prior to completing a Construction Application.

2) Construction Application

     * Used by Contractors after they have been approved to build in The

       Lakes Subdivision, when planning on building a new house the

       Building Application Questionnaire must be filled out completely

       and all required items must accompany the application when

       it is submitted.  If items are missing when the application is

       submitted, the review of your plans may be delayed and could  

       extend the time to approval.

3) Exterior Project Application

    * This form is used by property owners on existing homes where an

       addition or change to the property or house is planned.

       (i.e. room, bath, fence, shed, outdoor kitchens, swimming pool, or        major landscape redesign)

       If in doubt ask before moving forward on your home improvement